Before You Go
  1. Before You go to Indonesia, you must check your documents such as Passport, insurance, travel cheque, credit/debit card, medical report or your doctor notes( if you have some specific conditions of health) and always bring it in your carrying bag.
  2. Double-check about the air flight schedule and make sure all the flight schedule is matched with your itinerary.
  3. Indonesia was tropical’s country so it jus had rainy seasons and summer season. Rainy season at October-March and Summer in April – September.
  4. The weather in Indonesia mostly around 25- 33-degree celsius but in several places like Dieng Plateu, Bromo Mountain it can be near 0 degrees celsius during the summer, so please bring the comfort and light ware, but please not wearing the transparent clothes or the clothes that can be shown your body accurately
  5. Yogyakarta is The special Region and manly tour objects were Temple that was still used as the worship till now, so when you go to the temple please wearing the polite clothes.
  6. You didn’t need to apply for the visa from your country to visit Indonesia, cause we have Visa on arrival on every seaport or airport to buy a visa on arrival at least for 1 month and it can be extended.
  7. Bring your sunblock lotion
  8. to bring the anti-mosquito
  9. You can bring the clothes not too much, cause here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia there are many laundry stations with cheap prices around Rp. 10.000 per kg (the prices depend on the services)
  10. Mostly the transaction in Yogkarta, Indonesa with the cash, so don’t forget to exchange your money to Rupiah, but in shopping mall/modern market, credit card was accepted
  11. If you want to stay connected to the Internet, you must buy Indonesian SIM CARD in airports so you must register your IMEI number and register the SIM CARD with your passport , and it can be doing at the official retail of SIM CARD provider, the easy way you buy at airport when you arrive at Indonesia.
  12. If you have any question about the Yogyakarta and Indonesia please feel freely to contact us, we glad can help you in every single seconds.



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